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X-ray security inspection machine use precautions

The X-ray security inspection machine is the abbreviation of the channel type X-ray security inspection machine. X-ray penetrating imaging technology is used. It belongs to Class III ray device. In theory, it has a small amount of battery radiation. The security inspection machines we often see at the station airport are strictly designed and protected to ensure that the radiation leakage dose is within safe limits. The Makino security inspection machine is widely used in a variety of places. Here, I would like to inform you that the following points should be noted in the installation and use of the security inspection machine:
  1. Selecting the security inspection machines produced by regular manufacturers that meet the national standards. Some manufacturers have potential harms in order to reduce costs and cut corners or technology.
  2, to choose a dry and ventilated environment to install, you need professional technical staff to install, start debugging. Ensure that all performance metrics meet the requirements. Some manufacturers now ship directly by the customer, resulting in a lack of understanding of the user's use and maintenance of the security inspection machine, there will be security risks. The Makino security inspection machine is installed and debugged by professional technicians.
 3. Send full-time staff to conduct on-the-job training and strictly implement the post system. Unrelated personnel should not approach and operate the security inspection machine.
 4. The power supply used by the security inspection machine must be qualified for grounding, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine and personnel.
 5. The security inspection machine can only detect non-animal or other special items such as parcels and luggage. It is absolutely impossible to inspect people, and certain animals and special items can be inspected by manual inspection.
 6, do routine maintenance work, often wipe the dust, often check the voltage and various indicators. Once the abnormal situation is found, the maintenance will be stopped in time.
 7. If the machine malfunctions, it should be stopped immediately. Report the M&A factory to come to the repair, and do not open or disassemble the machine without authorization.
 8. For machines that are not used for a long time, they should be turned on and running regularly for a period of time.
 9. When the security inspection machine is running, do not approach any unrelated personnel. If the goods are stuck, please press the “Stop” switch.
 10. If the lead curtain is damaged, it should be stopped in time to let the animal husbandry manufacturer replace it.
11. If you encounter any abnormal situation, please inform the pastor security inspection factory in time. Do not deal with it yourself.
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